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Training is an integral element in ensuring that your boiler system operates at peak efficiency.  This is especially true as more and more boiler experts are retiring or leaving.  Making sure your next generation of boiler system professionals are educated is paramount for the continued success of your operation.  A wide variety of training choices are available from our Aftermarket Services group.  You can select from standard training modules or custom designed training that is tailored to your unique situation or requirement.

Whatever training you select, you can be assured that you’ll have Victory Energy boiler and heat recovery experts working with you.  We’re with you for the life of your boiler.  Full Steam Ahead!

• NFPA 85 – Boiler Safety
• Water tube boiler overview – Design features of your boiler
• Gas pass overview – Fan, Burner, Boiler, Economizer
• Burner overview
• P&ID for entire system
• Burner Management Operation (Safety Interlocks – Burner start – Purge – Low fire release)
• Combustion Control Operation (Startup / boiler warm up – Manual/Automatic operation – Boiler shutdown/trip)
• Maintenance – Daily and periodic (Suggested daily/periodic checklists)
• What-if scenarios.
• Wiring Schematics
• Control Panel Terminologies
• Control Panel Components
• Instrumentation Wiring
• Control Panel Wiring
• Commissioning Review
• Loop Checks Sequence
• Boil Out Procedure
• Setting Fuel/Air Ratio curves
• BMS Sequence of Operation
• Human Machine Interface Operating Screens
• Wiring Diagrams Burner Management System and Combustion Control System
• Combustion Control System PLC IO List
• Alarm Messages Review