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Heat Recovery

Recovering waste heat or using it for alternative system applications helps reduce costs and lessen the overall environmental impact.  Victory Energy offers a multitude of heat recovery solutions to meet virtually every conceivable heat recovery application requirement. We’re constantly looking for ways to maximize the efficiencies and value of total integration for our customers and end users with rock-solid solutions that are reliable and compliant with the most stringent technical requirements.

Victory Energy produces a full range of custom-designed HRSG systems that are designed to deliver proven performance and crucial efficiencies at a cost effective price. Our heat recovery systems are, by design, engineered to be the most reliable steam generators in the world.

Our HORIZON® modular-designed units are completely shop-assembled to maximize transportation efficiencies and minimize field costs by lowering man hours needed for installation.

Additional benefits you can expect from a HORIZON Series HRSG:

  • Module lifting lugs and temporary steel simplify field transport and handling
  • Single wide, modular design
  • 1, 2, or 3 pressure levels
  • Full range of supplementary equipment
  • Full shop assembled units or large assemblies are available industrial HRSGs for a variety of exhaust gases
  • Modular assemblies simplify field labor and reduces construction costs

OUR PLEDGE:   Our sustainability pledge informs and drives our work through every action across all projects and engagements.  At Victory Energy, we believe that the future of all energy must be based upon carbon reduction.

Our goal is to deliver more reliable, efficient and far cleaner energy solutions which truly impact the environment for today and future generations in the communities where we operate and live.


No other company offers a more complete range of heat recovery product configurations that are uniquely suited and designed to reduce costs and maximize financial return by recovering waste heat across virtually all industrial and institutional applications.


The HORIZON GT-HRSG product solutions are ideally suited for applications used in tandem with gas turbines up to 120MW.  The modular design combined with custom engineering and shop assembly allows for maximum constructability ease and flexibility on site.

  • Up to 120 MW
  • Up to 200,000 PPH
  • Pressure to 750 PSIG
  • Steam Temperature up to 1,700°F


The Victory Energy watertube heat-recovery boiler (patented design) is one of the most flexible, cost effective and technologically advanced units on the market. Our proprietary fintube design allows us to manufacture our boilers with the smallest footprint in the industry which greatly reduces radiant heat loss to contain energy costs.

  •  Up to 500,000 PPH
  •  Pressures range up from to 2,000 PSIG
  •  Temperatures up to 1,050˚F


An EXPLORER® economizer from Victory Energy can immediately reduce your fuel costs and carbon foot-print.  Your boiler flue gas exhaust has enough energy that can be recovered economically.  In addition to reducing fuel usage and emissions, an economizer, by pre-heating boiler feed-water, allows the boiler to more rapidly respond to load changes.

  • 100 BHP to greater than 500,000lb/hr
  • Suitable for all fuel types
  • Immediate payback