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Answering the Challenges to Develop Innovative Heat Recovery Solutions.

One of the true hallmarks of the value that Victory Energy supplies to the market is our ability to develop new product solutions that are borne out of customer needs through our End Market Solutions Group.  Countless products have been commercialized based on listening to the voice of the customer.  Sometimes they’re only a one-off product while others become long term products in the Victory Energy portfolio.  Either way, the product solution is tailored to the customer and is often includes breakthrough technologies.

Under the guidance of Sanat Shetty, the End Market Solutions Group is the go-to conduit for many companies struggling with how to come up with a specific heat recovery/waste heat solution.  Where other competitors shy away from these challenges, Sanat’s group, along with the thermal engineering team, relish them by continually seeking out new answers.  It is a collaborative approach, done hand in hand with customer that many times leads to breakthroughs.

Are you struggling with finding a solution to enhance your operation through better heat recovery or managing waste heat, why not check out what the End Market Solutions Group can provide?